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I help entrepreneurs  & small business owners like  you become confident in understanding financial concepts and will guide you in creating and implementing simple strategies to achieve your goals.

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I'm passionate about helping you achieve your business goals.  Business success isn't just a result of hard work or luck, but also of creating a strategy and then consistently implementing it.  I'd love to partner with you on the path to success. 

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In it, I share accounting, finance & business strategy tips in SIMPLE everyday language AND you'll find community with other business owners!

Where Should a Business Focus First?

Profit? Cash?

Both are important!


Get the free guide that explains profit & cash flow in SIMPLE everyday language & shows you where to focus FIRST!

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Curtis Kindred
ONIT Home Service, Founder & CEO

Working with Victory Advisory considerably launched our business to the next level. The expertise that VA provided ONIT through our post acquisition restart, and a national crisis has been critical to our success. The determination and dedication to push our team outside of their comfort zone significantly increased visibility and financial processes that helped us navigate to profitability.  Thank you VA! “Garbage in, garbage out!”


Meet Christie


I'm passionate about helping small business owners go from confused to confident when it comes  to their business finances.  

After years working in public accounting & the corporate world, I became an entrepreneur helping businesses in a variety of industries with all sorts of financial projects.   I have been fortunate to work with some amazing clients soley by word of mouth referral for over two decades. 

While attending the RISE Business Conference in Charleston in  2019, I realized that entrepreneurs & small business owners like you NEED & DESERVE the expertise and experience of a 25 year CPA. I knew in my heart then that it was time to make a change in my business.

In 2020, I pivoted my business to do just that!  I  left my other clients & now focus on self-employed individuals and small business owners. 

By using everyday language and analogies we all relate to,  I teach financial concepts and will guide you in creating and  consistently  applying simple strategies to help you move  toward  your business goals.   The relief and excitement I see from  clients once it starts  to click is what gives me  pure  joy in my  own business. I look forward to connecting & seeing if I can be of help to you!

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Where Should I Focus First?

Do you feel so confused about where to even focus?  As a business owner, you have a lot to think about.  In this guide, I explain these terms simply & point you where to focus first.

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