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Work with Christie

Less Stress & More Profit, Cash Flow & Growth


Your business has hit 7 figure sales (congrats!) & you're growing.  But do you find yourself wondering: 

❓ With all the sales, where's all the profit?

❓ When can I pay myself more?

❓ Can we afford to hire?

❓ How can I be sure to never run out of cash?

❓ How should we save for tax payments?

❓ What do the financial reports mean?

If these are your questions, you're not alone. 

✅  Trade the stress in & gain the peace of mind  by adding a fractional CFO to your executive team.  

✅  Christie will partner with you to create & execute strategies to increase profit (keep more of what you make!), take control of cash and achieve your goals.

✅  And that's what you really want, right?!

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