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1:1 coaching is for you if you're ambitious and ready to achieve your goals AND are ready for a guide & coach to help you get there faster.

Ready to commit to a plan to achieve your own vision of success.?  

With coaching customized to you & your business and following the 5 step Path to Sucess, there is a way you can increase profits, grow your business, AND have the time freedom you started this business to achieve!


Just like every home needs a solid foundation, your business needs a solid financial foundation.  

This 5 module course is designed for those just starting in business who want to get it right - or for those who are already going strong but need to go back to fill in the foundation.

Taught in everyday analogies & simple words, you'll increase your financial competence & confidence greatly when you complete the course.

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Christie loves to teach & share what she's learned.  From podcasts to conferences to groups, Christie enjoys it all.  

Christie has several popular speaking topics, but can customize her talk to provide the most value for you and your audience.  

If you're interested, please book a chat to see how she can best serve you & your audience.