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Hi, I'm Christie. 
It's great to meet you!

I'm here to guide  you and help you take your business to the next level.  By my use of everyday language & analogies to explain  financial concepts, you  will grow confident in understanding what your financial numbers mean.  I'll guide  you to take control of  your  business finances as you move closer to the business and life  you  dream of.

Office with a View
I *almost* worked for the CIA...
but became a CPA instead

After living in France as an exchange student my junior year of high school, I was hooked on travel and on seeing the world.  It was only natural that I became an International Business  major at The University of Texas (Hook 'em!  Yep - I bleed burnt orange!).  I spoke French & was fascinated by all the global business classes.  My life  took a  weird turn before  my junior when the business school advised me to double major since the  International Business major was a new one.  Since I'd had no time to think about this & had no idea what a good second major would be, I just nodded when the advisor suggested accounting since I had As in the first two classes.  I still had no plans to actually use this second major though.

As I began my senior year in college, the job opportunity that was most available for International Business graduates seemed to be with the CIA.  This all sounded very exciting to me - remember, I love to travel and am obviously kind of adventurous (who else lives halfway across the world from their family at age 16?!).  However, when they mentioned not telling family where we were....I realized this wasn't going to be a great start to my marriage the next year.  

So I turned to my accounting friends & asked if there were jobs available in our major.  Turns out that we had lots of job opportunities.  Having never taken audit or tax (the two choices), I asked which was most social.  And THAT, my friends, is how yours truly took the first steps to become a CPA.  

Even though I truly  am an accidental accountant, somewhere  along the way, I learned to enjoy this  -   especially  because I am passionate about helping people  & I see how  many businesses truly  need this help.

Then I took a more typical route....
other than that I quit being an employee &
started my own business - just like you have.

After college, I worked for KPMG in audit where I learned to work hard and how well simple strategies work in even complex situations. Since my primary clients were all in different industries, I also learned how to ask questions & be comfortable having to learn in order to be helpful.   It left me prepared for my job in the advertising world once I left KPMG.

I've spent the last 20 years as an entrepreneur, primarily  as a consultant helping CFOs and business owners with all kinds  of projects.  I didn't always (or even usually) know how to do the project I was asked to accomplish, but I had confidence that between my experience, my CPA friends and my secret weapons (Google & YouTube!), I could figure it out.

In my free time, I can STILL be  found on YouTube  or  Google learning new thingss (learning is my hobby), thinking of where to travel or dine next, laughing with my girlfriends, or sitting on the couch  with coffee or wine chatting with my husband.  We are parents to 3 young adult children that I absolutely adore and the most darlng Havanese dog ever.   


How Christie Will Help You

Since I am an "accidental accountant"  I relate to you if you think numbers aren't your thing.  I  didn't think they were mine either. 

However, I learned that the numbers are actually leverage for insight into what is going on in a business.  I'll guide you as we analyze those numbers & together work to make changes so your business will be more profitable, scale, or achieve whatever other financial or operational goals you have.

Success in business is not a matter of luck or just hard work.  It also takes understanding basic financial concepts and implementing a strategy to achieve it.   My passion is for you to transform from confused to confident in the numbers side of your business.   

I use everyday words & analogies, straight talk, and a good dose of positivity as we work together & I cheer you on to success.   

What are we waiting for?   Let's connect to see if this is a fit.   I'm fired up to help you!


Profit VS Cash - 
Where Should I Focus?

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