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PJS #021: 💥 Roadmap to Success: Step 4 - Detours on the Journey to Success

Rerouting. Rerouting. Rerouting.

It's the dreaded GPS alert when I’ve made a wrong turn…or hit some unexpected roadblock. I know ya know, amIright?!

Sometimes our drives have to be rerouted.

Our perfectly planned action steps to achieve our 12 week business goals don't work out perfectly either.

Perfection isn't reality. Don't expect it.

Rerouting is included as a step on the Roadmap to Success because it's an expectation to have some adjustments to our plan.

🚧 They slow us down. Often.

🚧 They make us go faster.

🚧 They take us in a completely different direction.

Sometimes they even reveal that our end destination isn’t what we want after all.

But how do we know when we need a reroute to our plan & what do we do?

Let's dive in...

3 Simple Steps to Detour when you hit Roadblocks

Step 1: Reflect

Get out paper (or your iPad & Apple pencil like me!) & let your thoughts flow. No evaluation - just all the ideas rushing out.

Some questions to start with:

❓Did I achieve what I set out to?

❓What impact did it have on my business?

❓How did this work for me - physically? mentally?

❓How did my team react to this?

❓How did this action plan impact my home life?

❓What are some ideas I have for making the next 12 weeks even better?

You’ll likely add more to this later.

Step 2: Review Results

There’s no drama in data. We created SMART goals so we could measure how we did.

❓ What was your % completion on your action steps?

❓ Did you achieve your SMART goals?

❓ Do you see trends in your numbers?

❓ What insights can you learn from these results?

Write all these down. Add your own flair to the review.

These results reveal 2 things:

1. Execution

did you do what you said you would & when you said you would

2. Effectiveness of the goal

could it really accomplish what you wanted in 12 weeks

If you weren’t consistent with doing the action steps, reflect on why. Maybe you don’t actually care enough about the end result.

If you were consistent, but didn’t achieve your goal, then perhaps it wasn’t actually able to be accomplished in 12 weeks.

Step 3: Recharge & re-engage

In the 13th week, we decide on new goals & action steps for the next 12 weeks.


◾ your reflections and results from this 12 weeks

◾ weekly insights you gleaned (I have my clients do a weekly recap!)

◾ results from other 12 weeks journeys

Think about what will move you closer to that 1 year conversation with me about how great a year it's been.

You’re now ¼ of the way there in time. How are you tracking on the journey? What changes do you want to make to this plan to get there?

This 13th week is a fresh start to create new goals and new action steps for the next 12 weeks.

- - - - -


1. Success is defined uniquely by each of us

2. You will encounter roadblocks and detours even with the best plans

3. How you respond to those is key to achieving your success

4. Reflect on what’s happened & review your results

5. Recharge & re-engage for the next 12 weeks - new goals and action steps (part 3) using what you learned to make it possible.

💥 And just like that, you’re moving close to that beautiful vision of a life you love - income, impact and lifestyle all in sync along with peace of mind and profit. 💥

Get excited, my friend!

Those who have a plan and action steps are far more likely to succeed. Hope is not a strategy. But this Roadmap to Success is!

Feel your stress melting away?

Imperfect action beats perfectly pondering every time.

Ready? Set. Gooooooooo!

Thanks for reading. Hope you’re as pumped up as I am about this.

Please reply and let me know how you're doing on your Roadmap To Success. I’m here cheering you on all the way!

See ya next week, my friend!

Whenever you're ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

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