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  • Christie Varner

From one entrepreneur to another - should your business buy that?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

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Maybe I need a new chandelier.

This is what I thought as I stood staring at the GORGEOUS white glass chandelier in the Palace Nacional de Sintra on our visit to Portugal earlier this month.

My husband, Paul, was already moving through the huge room where the chandelier was & noticing other things. But I just stopped and stared at its beauty. (and took a pic!)

And I kinda wished it would fit in at my home.

Have you ever done that? Or just me?

And that's when I giggled out loud (yes people looked at me. It's ok. I laugh at my own thoughts aloud all the time so I'm used to it.).

A chandelier is out of place in a tiny house.

And you know it's true! Are you now visualizing a gorgeous chandelier in one of those tiny houses? And kinda laughing at the thought. Me too! (but maybe that's because Paul loved that Tiny House show and had it on all the time!)

But this is the thing, it's easy for us to want chandeliers in our business too - the fanciest course platform, camera, email service provider, bigger team. All the things that go into our business.

I mean, those things oftentimes really are better.

Just like the fancy chandelier I was now trying to visualize in my home. But wowza would that look dumb.

And honestly, in our business, we don't ALWAYS need the fancy chandelier, right?

Yes, that tool may be the best, but do I really need it right now?

I mean, if I buy the best of everything right now, will my business remain profitable?

Will the new cool tool take me so much time to learn to use that I'll be wasting precious time that I could spend running my business (or even as downtime for myself)?

Am I tempted to buy it just because it has all the bells and whistles (or an amazing sales page?!).

I've been pondering this a lot.

TRUE CONFESSION: I have bought some chandeliers for my business. (eg my first website was on a platform I had no idea how to use - and it was way harder than my biz needed it to be!)

But now when I am buying something for my business, I try to ask myself if the purchase fits my business. Am I buying a chandelier for my tiny house?

I can always upgrade when I need it!

How about you?

Have you bought any chandeliers for your business that you maybe didn't need yet?

Reach out and let me know. I'd love to hear. Hoping I'm not alone in this.

And hoping we both start evaluating purchases in our business with that thought - yes, it's awesome, but is it a chandelier for my tiny house?



P.S. If you're wondering how to even know if your course launch will be profitable - or how to price it so it is - or not spend chandelier money on a tiny house launch, you might be interested in my new simple custom tool, The Course Creator's Profit Plan, that'll help ya figure that out in just minutes!

And don't worry - it's not a chandelier price! 😍

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