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  • Christie Varner

PJS #003: 4 Simple FREE Leadership Tips

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

In today’s issue of Profit & Joy Simplified, I share 4 leadership lessons that may have a big impact on your business & won't cost you a dime.

Being the leader of your business is a big responsibility. You can have so much going on that spending your precious time on thinking about how you lead may have just fallen by the wayside.

While this is normal, it’s a disservice to you, your team and your business.

Great leaders study & practice to be great.

Just like Beyonce wasn’t always Queen B, we can’t expect ourselves to be great right away. But great news, if you practice - even in the little things - you will get good at it.

In today’s economy of the combination of both The Great Resignation & high inflation, we need to find ways to keep our employees. According to studies, employee turnover is far lower when employees feel they work with a great leader.

So let's dive into these leadership lessons that will cost you nothing but may result in great value to your business:

Tip 1: Actively listen to others for their contribution (not your response).

Collaboration is crucial to success.

Everyone has something to contribute. If we are not attuned to actively listening, we may miss the gem - or the spark of a gem that someone shares.

After all, we were born with two ears & one mouth so perhaps that’s for a reason. :)

Tip 2: Remain adaptable.

What worked then doesn’t necessarily work now. If 2020 taught us nothing else, it certainly taught us that we need to be agile and prepared for change.

Adaption comes in many forms:

◆ services you offer

◆ your team's work locations & hours

◆ what great culture looks like

◆ and more

Holding your ideas loosely will allow you to lead with wisdom.

Tip 3: Walk the talk - your team will follow.

In my 20+ years working with businesses, I have seen the phrase “top-down” come into play for both the good and the bad.

If your team isn’t acting like you wish they were, stop for some self-reflection. Is there a reason for that? Don't beat yourself up. That does no good. But do start focusing on the change you’d like to see - and then model it yourself!

Tip 4: Take care of your people.

Ask people how they are doing. But if you don't care, don’t ask. Authenticity can be felt by others. The more you do this, the more you actually will care.

Start with just 5 minutes a day and 1 person a day to have a non-business conversation with. Your goal is to display that you value them as a person and not just for their business acumen.

Added benefit: when we take care of others, oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) is released in us, the person we took care of, and even in the observers. Win-win-win!

Implementing these simple leadership lessons will not cost your business anything, but may result in value for years to come. Hope you found them helpful.

What lessons would you add? I'd love to hear.

See you again next week!

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